Why Do I Snore – 11 Important Causes Of Snoring?

Causes Of Snoring

Does your partner often complain to you that loud and harsh sound you make while sleeping?

Yes, that loud and sonorous sound you make is snoring. Snoring occurs when you struggle to breathe during your sleep. Here a question may arise in your mind.

Why do I snore?

  1. Age

As you reach your late forties, your throat’s muscle tone reduces and narrowing of throats starts. Whilst you have none control on this snoring so changes in lifestyle may be useful to you.

  1. Getting out of shape

By out of shape, I do not mean the one who is overweight but the one who has fat I excess around the neck. As, fat around throat making your throat narrower and it becomes difficult for air to pass.

  1. Body construction

Air passages of men are narrower than compared to women, which may cause them to snore. Again, it’s not in your control, so you can change bedtime routines, changes in lifestyle and the exercises of the throat.

  1. Nasal Problems

It becomes difficult to inhale with a stuffy nose or with blocked airways, hence a vacuum gets created in the throat which makes those loud noises. It can be allergies, sinus problems, congestion, flu or nose deformity.

  1. Sleeping Posture

Lie on the bed, flat on your back can cause loud sounds due to the effect of gravity on throat and throat’s flesh relaxes when you are sleeping in this posture. This posture blocks the passage of air hence making you snore. Change in sleeping patterns can be a better way to stop snoring.

  1. Boozing

Consumption of alcohol in any form increases muscle relaxation, and reduces natural defenses in averse to airway barriers, making you snore more.

7. Distress sleep

Not getting enough sleep?

Expert says a healthy adult needs a sleep of at least 6-7 hours a day. If you are not able to sleep for 6-7 hours then the chances of throat relaxation increases, which may again lead to snoring.

  1. Family History of snoring

For snoring, heredity is not risky but for OSA it becomes harmful. If you have one snoring parent, it may lead to snoring, if you both are following same lifestyles. Such as, going through similar bedtime’s pattern and both consume similar amounts of alcohol.

  1. Deplorable throat and tongue muscle tone

Taking a few sleeping pills, boozing, or deep sleep may cause relaxing the throat and tongue muscles. As a result, they subside and fall back in airways.

  1. Muscular tissues of throat

Large tonsil and enlarged adenoids may cause snoring. As mentioned earlier, becoming overweight can lead to a burly throat tissue.

  1. Extended pulpy palate or uvula

One of the main causes of snoring. The drooping tissue in the mouth’s back if too long can narrow the slit from the nose to throat. Whenever these structures trembles and collide against one another, they block the airways, leading to making those heavy sounds.


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