Top 10 Myths or Misconceptions Of Snoring

Stop Snoring

“Laugh and the world laugh with you, snore and you snore alone.”

Those who create sonorous sounds can feel the pain. One-third of the population in the world snores. But is it normal? We never think of this question, we either push it away joking or ignore it thinking every individual snore. But now it’s time to think again over it.

Here are the few myths of snoring.

1. Snoring is Normal

No, not at all! Snoring occurs if someone is wrestling hard to breathe while sleeping. Snoring can give rise to various health ailments.

2. Only Men Snores

Believe me! Health problems occur irrespective of gender. Though more snorers are men yes women snore too.

3. Only older people snore

Again a false assumption! Snoring is nowhere about age. Have you seen your toddler snoring? Those who had snoring toddler might understand this.

4. Obese people snore

One does not have to be overweight to snore though obesity often leads to snoring but again it’s a contradictory statement because the same thing doesn’t apply to every person. It depends on the fat percentage in the different parts of the body. A person who snores has more fat around the neck which makes difficult for air to pass.

5. Snoring is hereditary

If you have the same lifestyle as of your parents, then chances of your snoring will increase. Reason for snoring is different for every individual, nothing to do with a snoring parent.

6. Losing weight can cure snoring

No dear. It’s just a false belief you have. Losing those extra pounds you gained won’t help you if you snore. Snoring has nothing to do with becoming overweight or getting lean. so, losing weight won’t stop snoring. Snoring can lead to obesity than the other way round.

7. Snoring makes a person tired in the daytime

Daytime fatigue can happen due to stress sleeping disorders. So, snoring is not the only reason for day drowsiness.

8. Snoring doesn’t call for treatment

People relate snoring to memes. But that never means just a topic for jokes. It’s a chronic disease because one snores when he can’t breathe during sleep.

9. Allergy related snoring isn’t dangerous:

Snoring are dangerous. Allergies are on the causes of snoring. Snoring is trying hard to intake oxygen. An allergy which causes snoring requires treatment.

10. Snoring can’t be OSA

Yes, it’s true but to  extend. If you do not wake up gasping or choking doesn’t mean you take snoring. Few suffer the choking but they do not remember the same episode. So, consult the doctor if you snore.

So, these were the myths related to snoring. Do not take Snoring lightly as it may lead to chronic diseases such as OSA. It is not normal if you can’t breathe properly, whether during the daytime or while sleeping. Consult the doctor if you find difficulty in breathing.


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