Talking to Your Bed Partner about Snoring

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Welcome back to The Morning Blend okay so remember when we used to make fun of people who snore we joke that oh that
guy’s snores so loud it’s like a semi-truck downshifting well the truth
is snoring can be dangerous to someone’s health yeah and if you share a bed with
someone who snores you know it can be worrisome, exhausting, and annoying so how do you talk to the snore in your life Dr. Madan Kandula is a Board Certified
Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, Physician, and Surgeon with ADVENT and he’s going
to give you some good tips about it good to see you Doctor good to be here good to
be here that’s what option it happens more often than you think yeah no I mean
it’s definitely a wedge for a lot of folks and I mean it’s not
necessarily how do you say this if everything else is hunky-dory in your
relationship maybe this isn’t that big of a deal if there are other issues this
could be you know sort of different cameras back and by itself you know it’s
annoying by itself it’s it’s just sort of the snorer isn’t lovin life and the
person who suffers from somebody snoring isn’t loving life and so it’s definitely
not there how you say it’s made light of and it’s it’s been an issue since the
dawn of man so it’s not like it’s a new thing we’ve got good solutions nowadays
that they didn’t have back in the day but I think there’s still a lot of
misunderstanding about it and it’s just sort of a lot of frustration around it
and it’s again it’s unfortunate because like I said we do have good solutions
mm-hmm-hmm. Does a snorer always know that they’re a problem because I feel
like when someone’s snoring my mother and my father both my Mother and my
brother both snore really loud so I grew up with snorers in the house and I feel
like they’re sleeping so sound they were having such a good night sleep they
sometimes they don’t sometimes they don’t you know so it’s sort of like this
this wishy-washy answer but most folks don’t know how when it starts most folks
don’t know that oh you know that’s not really my issue maybe you were light
sleepers yeah yeah you know and then it then it could progress or you know so a
lot of times they’re the last person to truly find out because how are you going
to know because you’re asleep but so sort of gentle nudges and sometimes
sharp elbows in the middle of a night that’s usually the most common thing to
just stop and you know changing somebody’s position can help but the
issue is always in the back of the throat that’s always where it’s
happening and so when you’re nudging somebody you’re basically trying to
them into a different position potentially nudging them to wake them up
because if you’re awake usually you’re not snoring if you’re sleep and when
you’re sleeping everything relaxes when you’re horizontal that’s sort of the
worst possible position to for everything to kind of collapse back
there. What are the problems that bed partners report to you when they’re
sleeping with someone who’s snoring is it very often a relationship issue? It
can be I mean we usually sort of we’re not relationship experts so we sort of
put the heisman on that part but I think certainly you know when folks come in
you know sometimes they’ll come to come in on their own by their own volition
sometimes they’ll come in on their own because somebody’s you know pushing them there sometimes couples will come in and that actually is helpful to get the
variety of inputs and it’s not this can be done in a spiteful manner that’s not
helpful it can be done with a loving manner that’s helpful and so I think if
somebody’s really you know sort of concerned about somebody’s health
concern about their overall you know health in the bedroom as far as being
able to go to sleep yeah get help it’s an easy thing to do you know there’s certainly there can be other issues going on but this is an easy one
to get to the bottom of what are some of the problems behind snoring why is it
such a big issue it’s not just a nuisance. No I mean the big problem so
where it’s happening is in the back of the throat so we have something called a
Breathing Triangle, which is basically you have three holes to breathe
through you got two in your nose one in the mouth and that’s it and so you know
it seems like a such a simple concept for us as Ear, Nose, and Throat
Physicians that okay that’s it so if someone snores or if somebody
has Sleep Apnea that’s sort of the other concern that’s there. Everybody who has sleep apnea snores not everybody snores has sleep apnea most
folks who snore don’t have sleep apnea not always but everybody have
snoring or sleep apnea the sound is coming from the back of your throat the
problem can start at the start of your airway which ideally is your
nose so if somebody if you took anybody and you closed their nose down and you
put them to sleep most folks are going to snore to some extent if you have any
tendency towards snoring that’s gonna happen so if your nose is shut and
you’re trying to see if it’s gonna cause trouble most folks who snore do have
nose issues most folks who snore or have sleep apnea don’t necessarily they’re not conscious of those issues they’re conscious because
they hear about the snoring but we address and assess and you need to
address and assess the overall airway so the breathing passageways start with the
nose if you’re gonna start with a limp you’re
not gonna be running very far you know you’re sleeping tonight so it’s really a
matter of getting to the bottom of why why this is going on it’s really
restriction or blockage in any of those areas a lot of folks it’s all of those
areas so we can kind of you know sort of start at the beginning and really see if
somebody does have a nose issue well let’s look at that let’s identify what
the issues are let’s fix that we have office based procedures that for most
folks for most folks are solutions for that sometimes that’s the end of the
story sometimes the nose working snoring is gone you know oftentimes it’s get the
nose working and if somebody sleep apnea it’s okay what else are we doing but if
the nose is working you’re always gonna be better off as far as any treatment
goes and we ran out of time but quickly about diagnosis is it a physical exam of
the nose and the throat is it a sleep study? Yeah it’s anything that’s appropriate so we’re certainly gonna look when we look
basically we’re gonna listen and then we are gonna look between those two things we usually have a pretty good sense as to this is what’s going on either you know I can’t
tell you whether you have sleep apnea not just by looking but I kind of can
we can pretty much okay yeah this is something that’s pushed past snoring or not so much if we feel like there’s a concern for sleep apnea with
your home sleep study that’s simple a lot of folks get sort of scared of
what’s gonna happen if I go in to get checked out we’re not scary we’re gonna
take a look we’re gonna listen if you need a home sleep study we can do that
it’s in your own bed easy information tells us what’s going on and then on
down the pathway we can kind of guide you and get you where you need to be
free help you’ve got right now free snoring and sleep apnea information
program there’s two dates Tuesday the 20th at 6:00 that’s in Wauwatosa then
Thursday the 22nd at 6:00 that’s in Mequon you can call or visit to register
this website first a phone number for 414-771-6780 or visit for more information and then
coming in March – there’s a third location in Oconomowoc for ADVENT here are the other locations on your screen with that same phone number that you can call to register for that free snoring and sleep apnea information
program, thanks for being here doctor. Thanks for having me.

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