Snoring In Teens – An Alarm To Visit A Doctor


Does Your Child Snores?

We ignore their snoring because 8-10% of children snores in a night, which is a habitual snoring. But this snoring can lead to other sleep disorders such as Pediatric sleep apnea, which can have an adverse effect on your child‘ cognitive development. It can resist their growth and affect their cardiovascular health. So, go through the tips mentioned below which will help you to examine when to visit the doctor for your ward’s snoring.

  1. Occasional sweating at night – Due to closed airways and inadequate supply of oxygen, the child puts more efforts to breathe; hence the nervous system gets exhausting leading to sweating at night.
  2. While breathing in, if rib cage and breastbone moves inwards – This happens, when airways are closed and to breathe in your child put more efforts.
  3. Unusual sleeping patterns – Children suffering from apnea, tend to keep the airways open due to hyperactive extension of the neck.
  4. Morning Headaches – While sleeping, due to a low supply of oxygen, blood pressure rises, resulting in headaches at morning.
  5. Bed wetting – sleep apnea sufferers wets bed. So, snoring can lead to sleep apnea.
  6. Not attentive during schools – Wards with ADHD  and sleep appear often misdiagnose with each other. Careful observation can avoid medication for ADHD if the doctor is giving it to your ward.
  7. Sleep walk – Does your kid walks while in sleep? If he does, then he needs treatment, because kids suffering from sleep apnea, walks while sleeping. If sleep walking and snoring combines, it can lead to sleep apnea.
  8. Pediatric Hypertension – If your ward is suffering from hypertension and snoring while sleeping, increases the chances of sleep apnea.
  9. Down Syndrome – If doctor diagnose your kid with down syndrome. Then, check his sleeping pattern and frequency of snoring. Children with down syndrome have sleep apnea, most of the time. If you do not get kids’ treatment on time, it can adversely affect the mental and health development of your kid.
  10. Obesity – Obesity leads to snoring. Snoring occurs due to the excess of fat around the neck, it narrows the throat. Obesity when combines with snoring I can lead to sleep apnea. If untreated, it can increase hypertension, insulin resistance, and obstruct the weight loss ability of the kid.

If you find snoring of your kid linking with obstructive sleep apnea, Doctor might refer your kid to a surgeon or ENT specialist. Reason for this snoring can be adenoids or tonsils enlargement, and the doctor will remove it by surgery. Sleep apnea can easily curable in kids. If sleep apnea is untreated, it may lay adverse effect on your kids health and development. Inform about all the fore mentioned signs or symptoms of other diseases and snoring to your doctor. So, that doctor can examine your kid and can give correct treatment for snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. I hope you got the difference between the two.


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