Snoring – 13 Facts That May Amaze You

Nasal Strips

Snoring is a topic for memes. But are you aware of the sensitivity of its causes? A person who snores gets more frustrated than those who do not snore. It not only affects a person physically but also mentally it can lay a great impact. Snoring people has more disturbed sleep than those who sleep next to them.

Here are interesting facts of snoring which you might know and much may amaze you:

  1. Do you often pair snoring with deep sleep? But not true every time. Sometimes, Snoring bereaves the oxygen of the brain; as a result, the brain does not support good sleep patterns leading to disrupted sleep.
  2. The loudest snoring recorded ever was measured to be 92 db.
  3. Men snore more than compared to women who snore.
  4. It is not necessary that snoring is hereditary. So stop blaming your parents from the same.
  5. Snoring could harm your relationship quality. Yes, that’s true, as your snoring may muddle your spouse that can lead to such as diminishing affection.
  6. Snoring itself is harmless but can lead to several disorders such as OSA, Type 2 Diabetes.
  7. Snoring people are at 5 times more increased risk of growing strokes, cardiac diseases and hypertension compared to those who snore periodically.
  8. Loud snorers are more likely to be overweight. It is unnecessary but more likely.
  9. Snoring can lead to chances of stroke by 67% and that of a heart attack by 34%.
  10. Relaxing of throat muscles involves in snoring. Tranquilizers, alcohols, drugs are the one to whom we can blame for his relaxation. As these substances can either can relax throat muscles or pull back the tongue in the throat leading to snoring.
  11. Nasal obstructions caused by Flu or allergies can cause snoring because these conditions can create vacuum in the throat, and that raises airflow. As a result, people snore.
  12. Throat tumors or cysts are the reason for snoring but the same is unnecessary.
  13. Deformities of the nose and drifted septum can cause a person to snore while sleeping. As it is again a nasal obstruction.
  14. Treatment of snoring can be through a surgical procedure called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Through this procedure Tissues which narrow the airways gets wide. This is very protruding surgery and has few side effects such as scars forms and sleep apnea.
  15. Nasal strips – If a person has congestion in the nasal passage, place the strips on the nasal bridge. It appears to be an adhesive bandage on the nasal bridge. Nasal strips clear the nasal passages and stop snoring.
  16. Making few adjustments in the sleeping pattern can help to stop snoring. Sleeping pattern such as not to lay back straight on a bed.
  17. Modification in bed can reduce snoring. Raising the bed head by 10 cm to 41 cm can intercept the tongue from falling backwards in throat; hence stop snoring.


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