Jo Koy – Lights Out – Just Snoring

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– I didn’t know
I had sleep apnea. My mom told me
I had sleep apnea. I was asleep at her house
about six years ago, sleeping in the guest room, the same way I always do,
just like this– [choked snoring] And I woke up–
[gasping] My mom’s at the foot
of the bed like this. “Oh, my God, Josep!” “You’re dying!” I go, “Mom, I’m not dying.
I’m snoring.” “Josep, that is not snoring.
You look like this”… “Josep, you have to go to a
doctor and get that checked out. “I’m telling you,
you’re going to die, “and I don’t want you
to die, Josep, because I’ll die of heart attack
if you die, oh, my God, Josep–” “Mom, I’m not gonna go
to a doctor for snoring. How long were you watching me?
That’s creepy.” And I kicked her out.
“Get out of here! Get out of here, Mom!” “I’m sorry, Josep. “I did not mean
to startle you. “It’s just that I was walking
to the kitchen, “and I heard a noise
coming from the guest room. “It sounded like… someone was killing a bear.”


  1. He is so fucking funny, I met him last night at a live show and he was just pure fucking gold! You must see him.

  2. I like how I look through the comments on this video and most of the comments of people implying that this is offensive can't even spell sleep apnea correct

  3. This is the part I laughed out loud. Our professor showed this to us. Filipinos have a lot of sense of humor that's why. lol

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