Anti Snoring Exercises – Natural Way To Stop Snoring

Snoring Remedies

Are you the most targeted person for snoring memes in your friend circle?

Hold on! Don’t feel embarrassed as you won’t be if you exercise.  Believe me, there are few exercises exist help you get that confidence back to sit among your friends for chit-chat and you won’t be the targeted person for jokes. Scroll down for the list of exercises:-

  1. Vowel Repetition

Repeat vowels for three minutes several times a day. Make it loud.

  1. Tongue slide

This exercise is for strengthening your jaws. For this exercise, stick your tongue out and then stretch it towards your nose. You guess it right. I am asking you to touch your nose with your tongue. Few people can touch their nose with a tongue. And if you are one among those people, then you are the hero of the party. The trick to win is to touch your nose maximum times with your tongue. Hold for few seconds, each “rep” and repeat it several times. It is one of the best snoring solutions among all the snoring remedies.

  1. Throat tiger yell

Have you ever heard a tiger yelling?

No! Not even I hear. Don’t worry; I will not ask you to roar. This activity is silent exercise. All you have to do is to open your mouth wide as if you are about to scream out. Hold this position for a minimum of five minutes. Work on this exercise daily will make the back muscles of throat stronger.

  1. Cheek Push

Try this exercise when at home because in this exercise you have to put your index finger in your mouth and press your left cheek from inside the mouth. Turn to the right side for the same. Repeat this ten times each side.

  1. Say Ahhhhh

This snoring solution is like the sound you make when you visit a doctor and to examine your doctor asks you to open your mouth by tilting your head backwards. Repeat this twenty times a day.

  1. Tongue Carpet

Sounds weird somehow! But this exercise includes transforming your tongue to a “Carpet” that will line the bottom of your mouth. Put pressure on the bottom of your back teeth. Then move down to the bottom of the mouth while touching the teeth making the same pressure.

  1. Roof Smash

Assume you palate as suction area and make it grip your tongue until no air left in between. Make a set of three in which include 20 reps of the same.

  1. Playing the Didgeridoo

Have you heard this word before?

Don’t worry only a few do. It is a large wind instrument developed thousands of years back. Playing this instrument will strengthen your muscles in upper airways because when you play this instrument you are puffing out your cheeks and exhaling.

  1. Jaw Tension

This is a very simple exercise. Touch your roof with tongue while mouth should remain closed. Slowly start opening your mouth while touching the roof. Hold it as long as possible. Make reps for nine times more.

10. Soft Palate Blowing

The palate is also called as the roof of the mouth.  So this part of your mouth also needs some conditioning. Unlike other exercises, this involves breathing only. Now, let’s start this activity. Breathe in through your nose and then push out air through your lips unless you feel some resistance in your throat. Resistance in throat shows its working.


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