How To Prevent Snoring – Preventive Measures?

Causes Of Snoring

Tired of complaints about snoring by your partner?

Then, here are the snoring solutions to your problem.

  1. Reduce Weight if you are obese

Increase in tissues in the throat causes snoring. So decreasing the amount of tissue may help. You can lose weight by diminishing the calorie intake by taking care of your portion size and eating healthy foods. It’s unnecessary that overweight may lead to snoring, an excess of fat around the neck is the main cause. Regular exercise will help in preventing snoring.

  1. Sleep on your side

Lying down on the back on the bed is also one of the causes of snoring. Sleeping on the back, sometimes, lead to falling back of the tongue to the throat which blocks the airways hindering the airflow through the throat. Heavy snorers may snore in any position but moderate snorer’s sleep on their back thus sleeping on their side may prevent snoring. One helpful trick you can do is sewing a pocket onto your back of night clothes. Put something heavy in that pocket as it will make you uncomfortable while lying on back.

  1. Lift the head of the bed

A slight change in your bed may work. Elevate the head of the bed by 10cm to 41cm. This can stop falling back of the tongue in the throat. This can prevent snoring by keeping airways open.

  1. Use nasal strips or an external nasal dilator

Nasal strips are placed on Nose Bridge which can clear the obstruction of nasal passage hence increasing the space in the passage. This can help you breathe and stop snoring.

The nasal dilator can decrease the resistance of airflow, helping it easier to breathe. The nasal dilator is applied on the top of the nose; it is a stiffened adhesive strip.

  1. Nurse persistent allergies

Allergies can hinder the airflow through the nose which compels t to breathe through the mouth. This increases the snoring. Consult a doctor for over-the-counter allergy medications may enhance your condition.

  1. Correct structural deviations in the nose

Some are born with a deviated septum and some due to injury faces the same problem. This is the mis-calibration of the wall that divides both sides of the nose that prevent airflow. It may lead to breathing through the mouth while sleeping, hence causes snoring. This condition requires surgery. Call a doctor for this issue.

  1. Limit intake of sedatives, alcohol before sleeping

Avoid consuming alcohol or taking sedatives for at least two hours before bed. Alcohol or sedatives relaxes the muscles of the throat which may lead to snoring. So limiting may help and stop snoring.

  1. Stop smoking and get proper sleep

Smoking, as you know is injurious to health and it can worsen the snoring. Consult your doctor about gum or patches therapies, which can help you in quitting

And it is recommended to take seven or eight years of sleep in a day.

  1. Use a CPAP machine, Oral appliances and wear palatal implants.

Oral Appliances such as Dental mouthpieces can get open your air passages, making it easier to breathe. Visit the dentist for the same to prevent snoring.

A pressurized air mask over the nose while sleeping can help to keep airways open. The treatment such as “pillar procedure” includes injecting braided strands of the polyester filament in your mouth’s palate. It is a snoring solution.


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